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“The Incognito” Drink Time Baseball Cap

When designers design, USUALLY the goal is for the design to “Pop” and catch the eye.

This design was created to get the observer to work for it. It’s kinda like that mysterious individual who catches your eye and all you get is ‘Meh’; until you look a little closer and deeper.

After all, the object of your attention isn’t jumping out at, approaching or requesting your time; and yet your are intrigued.

For those who miss it, that’s okay. Sometimes we tend to appreciate the ones who can either see beneath the surface a bit or at the very least, understand that there is something more than what meets most eyes.

The Incognito does just that. It COULD be just a black or white hat. Then again, when you get close enough to see what’s on the surface, you’re one step closer to understanding what probably lies beneath.

In that case, it just may be Drink Time.

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