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Left-Handed vs Right-Handed Drink Time Coffee Mugs

Okay, so we had to make this more difficult than it had to be…and yet it’s so simple.

When you have a child who turns out left-handed, there are lots of questions that arise; like what do they eat? Do they eat the same way and, more importantly in this case, how do they hold their coffee mugs?

I’m happy to say that, through plenty of observation of these people doing things BACKWARDS, it’s amazing how my OWN mind expanded a bit.

In this regard, I figured, ‘Why not make this mug so a Left-Hander can display my art Not Upside Down or Backwards….unless they so pleased?’

Truth be told, I think my daughter is ambidextrous to a certain extent, so it may not be as big a deal as I’m making it out to be.

Then I thought, ‘What if a Left OR Right-Hander wanted to see the other design on the other side?’ Looks like we have more work to do. Never a dull day. It’s all about having options.

Regardless, sometimes options can be a good thing during Drink Time.

Sometimes, not… Regardless, if you have any recommendations on artwork you’d like to see with the Drink Time theme (upside down, backwards, or right-side-up or whatever) stay in touch and run it by us. Join the list!